Hello Japanese House,

     If you got Heidi's/Corson-sensei's email, you all know about our 
movie nights and how we all get to pick one movie each. Well, so far we 
only have 6 movies for all 14 of us. That's enough movies to get us 
started and for me to make the first poster, but we need everyone to get 
their movie choices in quickly so I can make posters and we all can plan 
on when to show them. So, I'm making a deadline for getting movies in. 
If there aren't enough movies submitted by September 22 for another 
poster then Heidi and I will just have to pick some. If you're not sure 
what movie you want to watch, we have the Japanese House's collection in 
the downstairs suite (B230) you can look through. There's also a lot of 
movies at the Library. Also, if you want to show your movie a specific 
week then just say so.

     So far, we have:
     Koinomon (9/8)
     Waterboys (9/15)
     Shall We Dance (9/22)
     Infection (10/27)
     "Crying Out Love in the Center of the World" (TBA)
     Odoru Daisousasen (TBA)

Heidi would like add, "choose or lose your freedom."