Japanese House no minasan,

How was the Serve-a-thon?  Hope you all had a wonderful time.
Heidi, thank you for your great arrangement!

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On Sep 15, 2006, at 8:57 PM, Heidi Satomi. Shimada wrote:

> Hey guys here's the schedule if you wanted to know...if we get  
> there on time, we'll get to eat breakfast and take our time...
> 9:30am- Registration & Free Breakfast
> 10am- Kick-off Speaker
> 10:30am- Service Projects
> 1pm- Reflection and Free Lunch
> For the 11 people who signed up.  Meet in the 2nd floor Japanese  
> suite (We should just call the collective 2nd and 3rd floor suites  
> the Japanese mansion...) at 9:20am.  Then we can just mosey on over  
> and no one will get lost.
> Ok see you at 9:20am or else I will go to your's not  
> like I don't know where you live...
> -kowai obaachan