Japanese House no minasan,

I ordered three DVDs a couple of days ago.  They are:

Uchoten Hotel
Hakase no aishita sushiki

It will take probably two weeks to be delivered.  I will let you know  
when they arrive.
I haven't heard from Debbie (L/L Dirctors' Office), but I'm sure she  
has ordered the DVDs you requested. I will let you know when I hear  
from  her, too.

If you know what you are showing in 3-4 weeks, I will post the titles  
in the event calendar in Japanese Language Program website: 

Enjoy "Shall We Danse?" tonight!

If you need some drinks, please stop by the L/L office during Suzuki- 
sensei's office hour (3:30-4:20). If you need something for the movie  
nights, please let me know or make online requests.


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