We have some matcha downstairs.  I don't think it will be as sweet as  
the lipton tea packs.  We also have an electric kettle to boil water.   
We may need a thermos though.

Quoting Mutsumi Corson <[log in to unmask]>:

> Shiori-san,
> Thank you for your suggestion!
> I will order "The Uchoten Hotel."  I heard it is a good one, so I  will
> look forward to seeing the movie, too.
> Does anyone have green tea?
> Do you need an electric pot and a thermos?
> Please let us(Suzuki-sensei or Corson) know.
> Hope  you will have a great turnout tonight.
> Corson
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> On Sep 7, 2006, at 4:59 PM, Shiori Hasegawa wrote:
>> Sorry, I haven't sent my choice yet.
>> For our movie nights, I wanna add "The Uchoten Hotel".
>> Its story was written by Kouki Mitani, a famous Japanese playwright.
>> And if we make onigiri, I think green tea must be nice with it.
>>                                                           Shiori