Dear Mutsumi and Japanese House students:

        Having already heard of the request, via Heidi, for 20 - Les Idées Heureuses Baroque Ensemble , I've let John Sama know that this will be the "Japanese House" Lane Series event.

        It's still much too early to know whether the other houses will be using all of their assigned tickets, but I will try and keep everyone posted on this.
For most events, if there are still unsold tickets on the evening of a performance,, the Lane Series makes tickets available for students at a rate roughly equivalent to going to see a movie.


At 10:13 AM 9/22/2006, Mutsumi Corson wrote:
Japanese House no minasan,

I went to the L/L program directors' meeting Thursday.
Since Japanese House didn't have group favorite choices on the Lane series, I couldn't hold the tickets for the house,
but if they have extra tickets for the events  a few of you asked, you could get the tickets.

According to Prof. Mahoney, they have still group tickets for the following events:

        The two programs not yet taken are the ones from October 20th and 27th: .......
If you are interested in going to one the concerts as a Jhouse activity, please send email to Prof. Mahoney, and also ask him the availability of the tickets a few of you requested (I gave the information to Prof. Mahoney at the meeting).

Here is Prof. Mahoney's email address:

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Have a good weekend.

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