Macromedia Contribute.   it is very easy for teachers to update their
pages, and it allows me to set the templates that they are supposed to be
using.   I have set it up for bridport and also proctor and at both
schools teachers actually used it.    

Contribute was first designed for schools only.   It works by teachers
opening contribute browsing to the page they want to edit and click a big
edit button. make all the changes they want and then click publish.   When
you install contribute it also installs a conversion utility so you can
print documents to pdf. 

Again the best part is that teachers are actually using it, and I am able
to control the look.

Bjorn Behrendt
Tech Director
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School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> writes:
>We are interested in changing the tools we use to create, edit and
>serve our web pages and would like suggestions from those of you who are
>doing this effectively.
>We are not seeking tools for high-powered web developers, but rather
>for those teachers and students who want a relatively painless way of
>creating and editing their personal web pages. This would include
>teachers posting assignments, announcements, curriculum, etc. and
>students publishing their work to the web.
>I should mention that one of our schools has been using First Class for
>these tasks and, in many ways, it has been effective.  However, we have
>several reasons for wanting to discontinue its use, so we won't be
>interested in suggestions involving that product.
>Also, while we would be interested in hearing about outsourced
>solutions, our intent for now is to try to keep it all in house.
>Here then are some of our selection criteria:
>..Ease of use.