I just browsed the IT archives and it appears that there hasn't been a 
thread on network storage for a few years.  There was certainly a good 
discussion at the pizza conference a few years ago on this topic, along 
with a presentation on network storage. Perhaps its time to revisit the 

In the days of increased technology use (by students and teachers),  
larger multimedia files, electronic portfolios, etc, I'm sure we are not 
the only ones who have outgrown your current storage capacity on our 
networks.  Our school population is about 900 students.

What types of storage capacity do folks have in their schools for teacher 
and student files?  Do you have a differentiated backup plan for increased 
storage needs (i.e. critical mission data vs. sandbox type projects) 

If you've gone through the process of upgrading your storage and backup 
solutions, what advice do you have for someone trying to design a solution 
that will accomodate current and future needs.  

Lucie deLaBruere
St. Albans City School