Many of today's phone systems can have paging installed as part of that phone system.  This helps to save considerable funds as you do not have to install a separate paging system.  Overhead speakers and horns can be installed with the phone system as well where there are no speaker phones available.  We are currently installing a whole this type of system as part of the renovation project to our high school.  I went with a Cisco VOIP solution as it allowed us to use the phone system for more than just calling out.  The phones have LCD displays that you can actually broadcast out announcements on.  They allow XML data to be displayed on them.  

Our current vendor is Ronoco Communications.

Cisco is not the only vendor that has this type of product.  Mitel does as well and I am sure that there are others.  I selected Cisco as it meet all of your current needs and future requirements.

Todd Ponto
Orange North SU
Director of Technology
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