Nice photo...of, I am sure, an atlantis...

From: Vermont Butterfly Survey on behalf of Mark Ferguson
Sent: Fri 9/8/2006 10:47 PM
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Subject: [VTLEPS] Azures and Fritillaries - followup

Thanks Harry, Kevin, Bryan, Alex, and Kent for your feedback on azures and

The azures are a puzzling group, and thanks for the details on flights
Harry.  It’s satisfying to know the Spirea observations were good.  I saw
at least three of the flights you noted in the Waterbury area this year,
but will check field notes to see if there may have been others.  Just got
a fresh looking one last week (C. neglecta by your time table).

For fritillaries, the eye color sounded easy enough so I went out to test
it.  I’m one who perceives colors differently, as noted by Alex, so I
snapped a shot and brought it home to verify.  Well, there was no concensus
among the “color-unchallenged” in my family whether the eyes were
yellow/tan or blue-gray.  In case anyone would like to provide an id, I’ve
posted the photo here:
It sounds like for aphrodite/atlantis frits, it might be good to take
multiple photos showing several characters.  From the characters everyone
provided, I’m thinking of noting the following in photos: eye color,
underside of hind wing (follow-spots), and the two black marginal parallel
lines on the wings above, particularly forewings.

I realize this is awfully late in the season to be trying to figure this

- Mark

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