Hi Doris,  I didn't see your email address, so I am posting to the list.
Below, my Computer Lab Tech answered your question (in "tech talk").  If you
have any questions, please feel free to contact her.  She loves Deep Freeze!
Hope this helps,  Donna

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Hello Donna - please forward this on to Doris.  Thanks!  Marsha

We have Deep Freeze installed on 40 workstations that various students use 7
days a week.  I love it!  
We have not had a virus or other such problems with any of the computers for
over a year, since it was installed. 
I have created & installed seeds & consoles in version 5.4 & 6.0 (the
current version) - once you do it, it is easy.
Their tech support is very helpful and will talk to you for hours if need

A few things to know/tips:

You can create "thawed" areas of any size (like a T: drive, which is
actually part of C: where they can save files to that won't erase - the
larger this is, the longer the PC/client installs
take) These thawed areas change with config seeds, so back up the data
before updating config setups on the pc/clients.

You can Freeze anything or everything or only C:, this includes USB & CDs,

You can set your PC/clients to restart thawed for a certain time period, so
your Antivirus and/or Windows updates can run-like at 5-6am, then it
restarts frozen.

You have to restart the PC thawed or any changes YOU make will not stay
either - then remember to re-freeze it again.

The hardest part is figuring out which file does what and where so this is a

The Console pgm monitors all PCs on the port with DF installed (you must
enable a port number UPD & TCP on each PC you want to communicate with) must
be on the same network with port enable but NOT be a pc/client.

The Administration file creates the configuration/setup criteria for the
"client install file" you will create and copy to the PC/client and run.
This is what actually freezes the PC/client.  Write down the encryption
authorization code exactly as entered - you will only have ONE chance and
may need this in the future, if you want to change the setup.

Basically once a pc/client is configured & frozen, you just forget it.  If
you have a problem with the PC just restart it and that resolves most

I would HIGHLY recommend it to any place where multiple people use a
computer but you still want to keep the same look & setup available for each

Hope this helps!

Marsha Deetz

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Subject: ? Deep Freeze: Do You Use it in Your Library?

Hello Medical Librarians:


While considering the purchase and deployment of Deep Freeze, which upon
re-start, eradicates all changes a user makes to a public workstation, I
would like to hear from medical libraries that already use it.  Are you
using Deep Freeze Standard or Deep Freeze Enterprise? Do you find it easy to
use or more trouble than it's worth? Do you recommend it?


I am happy to summarize responses for the list.


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