Hello - I have had multiple people reply to me that Web of Science will
have what I am looking for, and I thank everyone (all 18 of you plus the
other 11 people) who offered that as a suggestion.  I am definitely
going to investigate pronto!

I also admit to being in a horrible rush - never a good thing - and
putting a mistype in my paragraph question.  I have been looking for the
most cited articles in medical journals, not the actual journals
(although that's really helpful, too!).  

Thus, I must apologize: I broke a golden rule of mine never to send an
email without spellchecking, fact checking, and rereading it to be sure
all was stated correctly.  This unfortunately happened as I was late for
a meeting with my supervisor for whom I'd been finishing up other
research, not that I see the need for speed to be a reliable excuse.  

In the end, the Web of Science looks promising, and I will certainly
have much better results there that I did.

Many thanks again to everyone for their very, very prompt replies and
support from people on air taxis with blackberries to the gentleman at
the dentist's office to the person who suggested I call Dialog directly
for assistance to the library director who was kind enough to run my
search in the Web of Science to check.

Y'all make me so glad to be a member.

Kind regards --