A) That's a pretty cynical view history and I question the accuracy of
it.  Furthermore, it is not a justification for extremism.

I'm with Brad, more time for Fastow, not less for arsonists.  Chaining
yourself to a tree or standing in front of a bulldozer, is one thing,
but the spiking of trees and arson are heinous, as is, are you ready
for this segue, the condemnation of condom usage in Africa.

--Matt K.

On 9/30/06, Roger Klinger <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Like it or not, extremists play a role in society.  They make the more moderate protesters seem
> rational and approachable.  Earth First makes people negotiate with the  Sierra Club.  Malcolm X
> gave Martin Luther King's movement strength.  Read a history book outside of what they gave you
> in high school.  You'll see I'm not making it up.

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