Eric J Krupka wrote:
> Or perhaps the original striped tie (the British, I assume),
> had stripes that mimmicked (sp?) the bar dexter.
> By reversing the stripes on American ties and mimmicking the
> bar sinister, a fashion designer has proven a theory of mine:
> fancy clothes are evil.
The shape and design of colors and patterns of the cravat changed and of 
course the military again dictated this. Before the turn of the 20th 
century, realizing that their soldiers were easy targets wearing bright 
red uniforms, the British were outfitted with drab green uniforms. Each 
regiment decided on their own, what tie to wear with a different stripe 
going across in a pattern of colors and stripe width. With this need to 
be individual the "Rep Stripe" necktie was born. Across the Atlantic 
American soldiers followed suite, however the stripes go the other way. 
European Rep Stripe vs. American Rep Stripe. The difference is the 
direction of the stripe from the left shoulder crossing the heart or 
from the right shoulder crossing the heart.


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