>> shorts, sandals, t-shirt.  no suit and wingtips,
>> imho, is more comfortable
>> than that.  and cheap, let me tell you...
>---------shorts "is" more comfortable??  I agree thems
>> but it ain't the suits, brother--it's the ties that
>> go with them.  no one is
>> going to put that noose around my neck, no sir.
>-------Big Amen to that.  Preach it brother.  Jimski

ha ha ha.  lots of grammar lessons today.  er, excuse me.  there [subject] 
are [verb, plural] a lot of grammar lessons [object] today.

yes, thems is indeed more comfy.  the subject of the sentence was "no 
suit," which "properly" takes the singular verb.  then i went back and 
added wingtips... so yes, i should have made the verb plural.  ten hail 
marys and ten i-before-e's [note the hypens, please, bk] for me.

you, brother jimski, [commas here indicate the parenthetical "brother 
jimski"] did forget the comma with direct address.  Your sentence should 
read as follows: "Preach it, brother."  also note that i did not separate 
the subject from the object with a colon; rather, i employed the stand-in 
[note the hypen, please, bk] object, "as follows."  


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