Have you settled on a location, yet? I can contribute something; perhaps


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Subject: Bake Sale

Hey everyone,

I have only heard back from Claire about the bake sale.  You don't have to
be a good cook in order to bake something from a mix, or even ask your
parents to send you some baked goodies. :)  (I'm looking into hot beverages
and plug ins for a crockpot) We also need more people to sit at the table.
I am going to reserve the space from 1-4 since  
those are the times I can be there (I can be there a little after 1).   
I can extend the table reservation if anyone want to volunteer earlier, or
the gap between 12-1.  If you do want to bake something, email me and I can
set up a time and place where we can meet and/or you can drop off what you
made.  This is our first fundraiser and we need the club members to
participate.  We can do bigger fundraisers and more, we are just waiting to
hear back from the BORED people about the movie night.  We might be able to
do bake sales/popcorn sales there.  Don't be discouraged because Abe is
looking into money from SGA and it might be possible to get some money that
way too.  Keep up the ethusiasm and have a good weekend.