Hi, Folks,


Just a quick note on listserv manners. Try to avoid sending your 'take me
off the list' emails to the whole list. There are several more respectful
ways to deal with it. So, in the spirit of "teach a person to fish" .


Save those "welcome to the list" messages


These messages have all the instructions you need to remove yourself from
the list, or for getting help if you have trouble receiving messages, and
how to access archives. This may not be an issue for this aikido list, but
when you need to get the message that had the assignment deadline or
directions to the party, it can be helpful. So just stash these messages in
an email folder for future reference.


Use the web


Most lists at UVM (and elsewhere) have a web page. You can go to to see most lists, though some are private. On
the web page, there is a link to "join or leave the list." 


So, go to the aikido list webpage [
] and leave the list. Gotta love self-service.


Contact a person, not the list


If you haven't saved the message, and have no idea where the web page is,
try asking someone  (not everyone). On this list, Danielle and I are


The old-fashioned way


The way you used to leave a list, and a way that still works, is to send an
email to the email list processor. This is not the list itself, but the
software the runs the lists. Here at UVM, that's [log in to unmask] . In
the body of the message, write "unsubscribe [listname]". For example, to
leave the aikido list, the message would be "unsubscribe aikido".


More resources


All About LISTSERV at UVM 





I hope that helps you manage your email list. Remember, please respect your
peers and don't send requests to the list that should be handled elsewhere.




Geoffrey Duke , Aikido Club Advisor

Sr. System Administrator,  Enterprise Technology Services, University of