Hey everyone,

How's everyones week going?  I know mine has been pretty hectic so  
far.  This is a reminder that anyone who wants to meet at the   
Gutterson Fitness Center. I've attached a map with an arrow if anyone  
who wants to go is confused on where this is on campus.  If you have  
any further questions or can't open the file, please email me. A group  
of us will be meeting there tomorrow, Wednesday, at 4pm.  We can talk  
about meeting more often, on a different day, or multiple groups can  
meet just so we can support each other in healthy living.  I know I  
can't make it 3 times a week, but if other people want to find one or  
more other people who want to do this, you can use the listserv as a  
way of communicating.  Anyone can use it if you have something  
relevent you want to say, but please don't abuse it because any  
administrator can take you off the listserv.

I am in the  process of locating a spot for us on campus, and if  
anyone knows the athletic center, this isn't exactly easy.  I'll keep  
you updated on my progress.  Geoff, our club advisor, was sick so he  
could make it to our meeting on Friday, but he had a wonderful idea on  
what else we can do as a group.  The people at the meeting, you  
remember how we mentioned having a movie night for aikido?  Well, we  
can do it, we just would scale it down for our group and anyone else  
who would want to watch.  So if anyone is interested in having a night  
where we can watch martial arts movies, let me know and I'll get on  
arranging that.  I am sure we can find a spot with a tv and I can  
borrow a movie from the library.  This can be a night where we can  
just hang out and watch movies, and any of our friends who want to  
come would be welcomed to.

Also, one last bit of good news, it looks like we might be able to  
sell popcorn at Saturday movie nights in CCTheater.  There are still  
the logistics to work out, but the initial response is good (Thank you  
Rich!).  I also want to apologize to everyone that I haven't been  
about to look into Raffle information, or even bake sale yet, but I  
will get on that this week.  So I am hoping to get a bake sale done by  
the end of the month (hopefully next week), that is my goal.  Just  
something small in front of the library to start with so if anyone  
would like to bake something yummy, healthy, or both let me know.   
I'll see if I can get other people to do the same who aren't in the  
club and you can too!

This is a good start to the revival of the club so keep up the  
ethusiasm!  Also, anyone who is in the UVM credit class, if you want  
to talk up the club to your classmates and tell them what we are doing  
that would be a great way to boost our reputation (that we are  
actually doing something :)  ) and maybe even our membership.  I'll  
see some of you tomorrow (although in a more limited sense because I  
hurt my knee), and have a good week!