Hi Everyone,

   Just a reminder about our meeting tomorrow, October 26th at 7:00 in  
Perkins 101. Guy Roberts from Avatar will be coming to speak with us  
about sustainabilty, prototyping new technologies,and the pilot  
digester system that he is currently building.  Afterwards we will  
have a discussion on sustainability and what we can do to create  
awareness within the community and possible engineering projects we  
can work on.

Other Dates to Remember:

Nov. 1st - Touring NRG, local wind power company, with society of  
women engineers.  Meet behind Votey at 4:45 to carpool.  We will tour  
their green building and hear from their president, Jan Blittersdorf.   
Learn more at

Nov. 6th - "Peace Engineering" lecture given by Aarne Vesilind at 1:00  
in Perkins 101. Dr. Vesilind is an emeritus professor of engineering  
from Bucknell.