Hi folks,

Thanks to everyone for all the hard work and interest thus far!  The 
Avatar project is very compelling, and I look forward to more contact 
with them.

One thing I'd like to add:

With all the good things going on next week (see Jacquie's list, and 
also the Peace Engineering seminar Monday at 1:00 p.m.), please don't 
forget to vote!  An engaged citizenry is a resource to be treasured, and 
exercised (NOT exorcised!) often!.

Enjoy the day,


Jacqueline Elizabeth Bell wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>   We had a great meeting this past Thursday with Guy Roberts as a guest 
> speaker.  We learned about the digestor in detail and the engineering 
> process behind creating it.  He will be in contact with us about getting 
> an onsite visit.  Since he is extremely busy with it right now, we are 
> hoping to get a tour after winter break.
>   I met with SGA last week and they reveiwed our constitution.  
> Everything looked great and we will go in front of the senate and get 
> recognized next Tuesday.  Please let me know if any of you can make it. 
> Tuesday, November 7th at 7:15 in the Billings Lounge behind the fireplace.
>   Also, executive board positions available, please let me know if you 
> are interested.
>  This Wednesday TOUR NRG with SWE.  Meet behind Votey at 4:45 to 
> carpool.  Unfortuneatly I will not be able to make this event, but Owen 
> will be there.
> Thank-you,
> Jacquie

Alison Pechenick, Lecturer
Department of Computer Science
College of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences
351 Votey Building
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405