Re Sugarman: I'm presently in Framingham, MA looking after my middle  
kid who just had some elective surgery (she's doing fine) and I won't  
be back in the office until the 25th. So I'll miss Surgarman's talk.

Re Vesilind: I'll look into a location when I'm back and I'll do the  
inviting of Mike Coleman and Nancy Hayden (now that she and I have  
actually spoken and I know where her office is ...). We'll ask each  
faculty member to invite a student. We'll do informal take-out; what's  
the name of the place you suggested?


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> I\'d really recommend this lecture, if you have time.  Professor   
> Sugarman is quite special, and the topic is certainly timely  (ahem).
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> <p>Richard Sugarman, professor of religion and director of the Integrated
> Humanities Program, will deliver the Fall 2006 College of Arts and
> Sciences Dean's Lecture on "Time and Transcendence" on Oct. 24 at 5 p.m.
> in Memorial Lounge, Waterman. <P>
> Sugarmanís lecture will explore the meaning of time in the twenty-first
> century as well as the history of the ways in which time has been measured
> and understood. His lecture will consider the following questions: How can
> we possibly reconcile the competing demands made upon us in what has been
> called our "nanosecond culture?" Why is it that at the very same moment in
> history that we have accelerating access to information that our sense of
> our own experience appears to be diminishing?<P>
> A scholar of phenomenology, the philosophy of religion and Jewish
> philosophy, Sugarmanís publications include <I>Rancor Against Time: The
> Phenomenology of Ressentiment</i> (Felix Meiner, 1980) and <I>Reclaiming
> the Humanities: The Roots of Self-Knowledge in the Greek and Biblical
> Worlds</I> (University Press of America, 1986). This year, he co-edited
> <I>The Promise of Phenomenology: Posthumous Papers of John Wild</I>
> (Lexington Books, 2006). <P>
> Each semester, the Arts and Sciences Deanís Lecture Award honors a UVM
> faculty member who is an acclaimed scholar or artist in his or her field
> who has demonstrated an unusual ability to share that excellence with
> students. <P>
> This semesterís program will begin with short tributes to Dr. Sugarman. A
> reception will follow the lecture. <p></p>