Dear Employment Coordinators,

We have been preparing for this year's Disability 
Mentoring Day in Vermont.   Disability Mentoring 
Day is a large-scale, broad-based effort 
designed to promote career development for 
students and other job seekers with disabilities 
(mentees) through hands-on career exploration, 
job shadowing, and internship or employment 
opportunities, and matching of mentee/mentor 
relationships.  Disability Mentoring Day: Career 
Development for the 21st Century, will be 
commemorated on Wednesday, October 18, 2006 as 
the official kick-off for a year-round effort.

We invite you to participate in this annual event 
to promote the career exploration of people with 
disabilities.  Our local web site includes all 
the materials and information you should need to 
participate in DMD.  Check our site at:

The site includes mentor and mentee applications 
and other useful links.  We encourage you to 
recruit mentees first, then recruit employers to 
match their request.  In order to keep track of 
all mentor partnerships throughout the state, we 
ask that you maintain the attached Mentor Log 
2006.  This way we can submit our report to the 
national office of AAPD in Washington DC.

We will be hosting an event at UVM on Wednesday 
October 18 from 9:00-12:00 at Memorial Lounge, 
Waterman Building 
This event will include a welcoming with 
breakfast, a performance of "Bill's Bill" by the 
Awareness Theater Company (not to be missed!!), 
followed by group tours of various departments 
within or near the University of Vermont.  Tours 
will include:
	Sodexho Food Services
	UVM Art Department
	UVM Radio Station WRUV 90.1 FM
	Fletcher Allen Health Care
	And others...

Please check our web site and consider getting 
involved with DMD if you have not already done 
so.  The mentor concept is a great way opening 
doors for people with disabilities and potential 

If you have any questions, please email me or 
contact any of our steering committee members.

Thank you,

Vermont DMD Steering Committee:

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