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Subject: Treo 650 Update for Verizon Wireless
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 13:18:18 -0400 (EDT)
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Palm Treo News
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In this edition of the e-newsletter from palm.com...

- Treo Update:     Treo 650 update for Verizon
- Accessories:     iGo Everywhere8, Palm® Ultra-light Wireless headset + FREE Vehicle Power Charger
- Software:     Butler, SplashID
- Tips and Tricks     Setting ringtones and alert tones
- Write Stuff     Treo in the Operating Room!

Treo Update

Treo 650 smartphone for Verizon Wireless customers

Maximize your Treo 650 capabilities with the latest updates from Palm.com. Download our latest release to get a variety of enhancements, including:
  • Enhanced memory handling for opening larger web pages
  • Optimized Bluetooth® performance and added support for additional headsets and carkits
  • Adds Dial Preferences screen to Phone Application
  • Enhancement to Date/Time preference panel to address daylight savings time and network time
  • Replaces Wireless Sync application with Wireless Sync over-the-air provisioning client
  • Adds support for certain cradle-based accessories, including speaker docks
  • Integrates the Treo 650 E911 Updater to improve the ability of emergency room response personnel to locate users who dial 911 from the Treo 650 smartphone
Note: Those who use the VersaMail® application that was included on the in-box CD as the default email application should download the latest version of the application here after installing this Treo 650 update.

To download this software update, visit Customer Support today!


iGo Everywhere8
Purchase price $49.99

Looking for a convenient, all-in-one charging solution? The iGo Everywhere8 power adapter works with standard wall or in-vehicle outlets and features unique itips™ technology, so can charge multiple devices like Bluetooth® headsets as well as your Treo smartphone. Compact and lightweight, it has a retractable output cable, so packing up is a snap!

Check it out

FREE Vehicle Power Charger with Palm® Ultra-light Wireless headset
Purchase price $129.00

Now when you buy a Palm Ultralight Wireless Headset, you'll get a Palm Vehicle Power Charger for FREE! Weighing only nine grams, the Palm Ultra-light Wireless headset is Bluetooth®-compatible and features a comfortable, in-ear design. Plus, it charges using the same AC adaptor as your Treo smartphone, so your FREE Vehicle Power Charger will come in very handy!

Check it out

Butler by Hobbyist software

Free Limited Trial/Purchase Price $14.95

Think of Butler as your own personal assistant, one that anticipates your needs. Butler contains eight sets of utilities, yet it costs less than many single applications. You can set ringtones or MP3 alarms (without an MP3 player), program "Attention Grabber" alerts, and customize many other functions. Butler even includes a feature to remote lock your Treo if you lose it.

For Palm OS: Check it out

SplashID by SplashData

Free Limited Trial/Purchase Price $29.95

It's a sign of our times—password protection, multiple email accounts, online login IDs—keeping track of so much personal information can be exhausting! Simplify with SplashID and safely store credit card numbers, log in IDs for online bill paying, and much more. SplashID uses Blowfish encryption for security, plus you can choose to mask stored passwords for privacy.

For Palm OS: Check it out

For Windows Moblie: Check it out
Want More?
Check out the great software for Treo smartphones at the Software Connection.
Visit our Software Download pages: Treo 700w/wx smartphone, Treo 700p smartphone and Treo 650 smartphone

Or you can download software directly to your Treo smartphone wirelessly, by directing your browser to www.palm.com/mobiledownloads/
Tips & Tricks

How do I set different tones for incoming calls and alerts?

Know exactly who's calling you (and who you might want to avoid!). Setting distinct tones for specific callers and alerts lets you know instantly who or what is waiting for you.

Treo 700p smartphones:
  1. Press the Phone button.
  2. Open the menus by selecting the Menu button.
  3. Select Options, and then select Sound Preferences.
  4. Select the Application pick list and select Ring Tones.
  5. Select the Volume pick list and select the volume level.
  6. Select the Vibrate pick list and select how you want your smartphone to vibrate upon an incoming call.
  7. Select ringtones from the following pick lists:
    • Known Caller: An incoming call from someone in your Contacts or Favorites.
    • Unknown Caller: An incoming call from someone identified by Caller ID who is not in your Contacts or Favorites.
    • Roaming: A special tone for incoming calls when you're outside your home mobile network. This tone overrides all other ringtones unless it is set to No Sound
  8. Select Done.
Treo 700w/wx smartphones:
  1. Press Start and select Settings
  2. On the personal tab, select Sounds & Notifications
  3. Select the Notification tab.
  4. From the Event drop down list, select the type of call or notification you want to set the ringtone for:
    • Known Caller: An incoming call from someone in your Contacts or Speed Dial list.
    • Missed call: A call you didn't answer
    • Roaming: A tone for incoming calls when you're outside your home mobile network.
    • Unknown Caller: An incoming call from someone identified by Caller ID who is not in your Contacts list or Speed Dial list.
    • Voicemail: A new voicemail.
  5. Check the "Play sound" box, then select a ring style from the drop down menu
Write Stuff

Treo in the Operating Room!

I'm a General Surgeon and a lot of my time is spent in the Operating Room. It is very nice to be able to sit down for a few minutes between cases and email my eldest daughter in London, England. I also like to log on to our local newspaper and see what's going on. I also use my Treo to snap a picture in the OR when necessary.

My Treo 650 has replaced my beeper, cell phone, and PDA.

Christopher J. B., M.D.,FACS
Port Jefferson, N.Y.

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