My husband was the recipient of a "call" from a campaign worker last week.
I happened to be in the room when the call came and he handled it admirably
by stating that he did not want an absentee ballot, his wife was the town
clerk and he knew all he needed to know about being able to vote and how to
obtain an absentee ballot.  
Yesterday I answered a call from a campaign worker who said my husband had
requested an absentee ballot and she was just calling to verify the mailing
information.  When I told her he had not requested a ballot she was quite
testy until I told her I was a town clerk.  

I think they are out of line and something needs to be done!  I am getting
residents in here with the same opinion!

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Does anyone know how the "Campaign Workers" are collecting information for
absentee ballot requests?   I have a request for a woman who has been in a
Nursing Home for almost a year.  The ballot is to be sent to her home,
(where she is not).  Also, I have a request for who I am to believe is for
her grandson, but they have the wrong last name.  AND I have requests for
partial last names.  (They never completed the whole last name.)  Do I
assume I know who these people are?  How do we know these people have really
been contacted?  All the requests are signed by a campaign worker.