Here's a response to your query about rates and a couple of questions from


Heidi Racht, Town Clerk

Huntington Cemetery Trustees raised the rates in 2001 to

$300 residents
$350 non-residents

The definition of resident is broad as it includes people who live in our
town, have lived in our town at some time, have relatives buried in the
cemetery, or can otherwise show a tie to the town, like owning property.

We made the non-resident rate slightly higher as this is a town cemetery
and we didn't want people shopping around for the lowest rate in the area.
(I know this sounds harsh, but cemetery space will need to be addressed
again someday and we wanted to be sure we had space for Huntingtonians).

We are needing to address other issues, like:

1. charging for internment of cremains - it has been $50, but people
aren't paying up. Should a cremains cost the same as a burial?
2. number of cremains in a lot - currently 2, but there have been requests
for more per lot.
3. trash and garbage - we have three barrels and they are being used
indiscriminately. Should we pull them and not have any?

Thanks, in advance for your responses.