Does the address that is included in the list have to be the E-911 address,
the town mailing address, or the address to which the ballot was mailed?



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Good morning Heidi,

A person who requests an absentee ballot cannot request that he or she be
"left off" the list given to anyone who requests the list.  The statute in
17 V.S.A.2534 states that the town clerk shall make a list of early or
absentee voters including name and address and that a copy of the list SHALL
be available upon request at the town clerks office.

Best, Kathy

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I received a request this morning from a voter for an early ballot. 
Having made the absent voter request, he also asked that his name not be 
given to any political parties as he does not want to be solicited as 
his mind is made up. Can I leave him off? If so, what about the other 
voters who weren't savvy enough to ask for privacy?

I received a call on Tuesday from a worker for one of the major 
political parties reminding me that it was absent voter time and that I 
would be sending the list daily. As this was news to me, I told her that 
I would be sending it at the end of each week as I can't do this 
everyday. Her supervisor came on and reminded me that an email had gone 
out about this (I hadn't gotten online yet, so I hadn't seen it). Again, 
I emphasized that I would provide the list every Thursday afternoon 
only. We ended the discussion cordially.

I would like to weigh in on the discussion about the absent voter ballot 
requests sent out by political parties directly to the clerks, as I feel 
that there has been a lot of animosity expressed.

The political parties often have people on the phones who are 
enthusiastic volunteers. I have dealt with both major parties and found 
that there is not an attempt here to defraud or cause chaos, simply 
youthful inexperience (and I am sympathetic to this as I have three 
teenage boys) and perhaps insufficient training.

As I am calling every voter whose absentee request is signed by an 
election worker, I called the headquarters and suggested that they add 
the phone number at the top of the form to save those of us who are 
making the calls the time it takes to look up the number. I am not sure 
that the word will get out to everyone.

Volunteerism is to be encouraged - our towns could not exist without 
volunteer efforts - from Meals on Wheels to fire departments to coaches 
to listers. At a time when people are disconnecting from community, we 
should be celebrating the involvement of youth in our political system.  
We will all see the benefit of their involvement.

Heidi Racht