We had the same problem with absentee ballot requests from campaign workers in 2004.  Many of those receiving ballots tossed them out because they did not request them and did not know where they had come from.....then showed up at the polls.


  I now include the following message with each ballot that is mailed to voters.


Annette Cappy

Brattleboro Town Clerk







From the Brattleboro Town Clerk

802-251-8129                      [log in to unmask]



This ballot has been sent to you because you or your authorized person has requested it.  If you feel that you should not have received this ballot, contact the town clerk immediately.


If you choose not to vote this ballot, you may vote at the polls on election day ONLY if this ballot is returned, unvoted, to the town clerk.


You may use any pen or pencil of your choice to mark you ballot EXCEPT RED.  The electronic tabulator cannot read votes marked with red ink.


Please read all instructions on “VOTED BALLOTS ENVELOPE”.


Place voted ballot in the “VOTED BALLOTS ENVELOPE”. 


Your ballot may be returned to the town clerk’s office by anyone you choose or may be mailed in the envelope provided.


Postage to mail ballot back to the town clerk will cost 39 cents.