HI Donna,


I don’t know what you mean by an international line.  In my experience you just enter the country code on your machine. 


We have encouraged clerks to fax ballots to persons in the military or overseas to save transit time since the 2000 election.


Does the person have an email address?  If so, our office has a PDF of every ballot.  If you contact Melanie and tell her the District you need, she can email a PDF of the ballot to you along with a PDF of the certificate for the inside envelope and with instructions to send to the voter.


Mel is out this afternoon but will be in tomorrow morning.


Best, Kathy


Kathleen  S. DeWolfe

Director of Elections & Campaign Finance

Office of the Secretary of State

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I was asked to fax a ballot but the city does not have an international line (the ballot was to go to Switzerland).  What is the city’s responsibility?  Do we have to install an international line or go find one?  Or are we able to say sorry, no international line?




Donna Kinville

City of South Burlington

City Clerk and Treasurer


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Hi Ruth

It is legal to fax a ballot. You need to call Melanie Hodge at the Secretary of State's Office and she will make arrangements for you. This procedure was mentioned at MOMS.

I hope this helps.

Cathi Feeley

Asst Treasurer, J.P.

Town of Burke

"Ruth Miller, Town Clerk / Treasurer" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

I have had a request for a North Hero voter to submit a Federal Post Card Application for an absentee ballot by FAX and subsequently he has asked that I FAX him a ballot in Shanghai.  He has indicated he would then have to mail his completed ballot to me to arrive before election night.  Does anyone know if this is legal?


Ruth M. Miller

Town Clerk/Treasurer

Town of North Hero



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