I just received this request from the facilitator for the PE/Health
teachers at our high school:

"My health and fitness teachers are in need of some nutrition software
that they can use in the classroom that would give the students
interactive programs in the area of nutrition especially relating it to
an active lifestyle.  We are going to need to document the use of the
program so if there is one available that would give printout of
students usage and understanding that would be great."

Does anyone know of any software that would provide what they need?  I
found an open source software that seems to do the nutrition
calculations they need, but doesn't have a way for teachers to track
usage of it.  There is some money available to purchase something.  They
already use FitnessGram for fitness, but need something for nutrition.

Thanks for any information.


Joanne Finnegan, Technology Integration Specialist
Chittenden East Supervisory Union
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