Thanks to everyone..... on the av request
I did fix it this am......

I had pretty much narrowed down my failed updates to my  
firewall.after 3 different support calls to symantec ... and upgraded  
my sonic wall to include gateway av service.....
It was my IPS service on my sonic wall set to block medium security  
risks.... ie downloading software updates........ I first switched  
off my ips and updates flowed like water... they set it to report not  
block medium threats....
Wish I could set it to allow specific url or file signature... and  
will look into...

I think I may still migrate away from all symantec..... I had thought  
it was mainly Norton that bogged machines down......but gather  
symantec corporate edition is equally bloated and can agree having  
gone through countless registry edits to manually uninstall....

On Oct 18, 2006, at 8:13 AM, Robin Gouin wrote:

I had the same problem with Symantec 10.1.1 and after I installed  
10.1.4 I
seem to be okay and it is finally giving out virus definitions again.
Every time Novell took an update the server would abend. I uninstalled
several times before I realized I was running 10.1.1 and not 10.1.4. I
have my fingers crossed but I think it has fixed my problem.


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