On Oct 24, 2006, at 10:21 AM, Jack Barnes wrote:

> We have a teacher that is interested in a classroom response system  
> so I
> am wondering if anyone is looking at this type of system or using this
> type of system and what your experience has been.

At UVM, we've looked at several versions, and are currently mostly  
working with radio frequency (RF, 2.5 Ghz, near the ethernet wireless  
band) rather than infrared (IR) based units - the RF units do not  
requre "pointing" the device to a receiver.

We've had good experiences with the one from Thompson Learning   
Turning Point and from iClick (

Turning Point:
	+ instructor interface (also a minus from the PPT perspective :) )
	- battery management

	+ Open source software
	+ AA (or is it AAA) battery
	+ battery management

The PPT option was particularly useful to one faculty member who also  
is a table PC user - she could create slides on the fly, and build  
interactive lessons that way.

The big issue for a university environment is the "clicker econony" -  
resale and return to the book store, making sure that they work  
(battery management !), what to do when they are lost, etc ...