At GISU we use a local vendor who has been at or below Dell for the last
5 yrs or so. Dell has had issues lately. I would sooner go with HP also.

For mid $700s we get: Intel mobo, Intel Pentium D 2.6Ghz, 1Gb RAM,
CDburner, no monitor
They put our image on for us. Quick service
3yr on mobo, drive and RAM

Motherboards have been the one thing that ends up killing older

Non-proprietary is better. No junk software that comes "free". 
I had an older HP vectra that was "totaled" by a proprietary power
supply that was over $100! Equivalent non-Prop was $29. Kind of like a
cheap inkjet with $30+ cartridges.

David Isham
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When this conversation has come up in the past I have mentioned that we
been buying Compaq/HP for six years now (150+ machines) with great
Very few problems and very responsive (US based for "corporate"
tech support. Good warranties, no proprietary parts, competitive pricing
etc. etc.

HP printers: default "low toner" warnings are set to 10%, but you can
this and run them dry!

Eric Hall
Technology Coordinator
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Waterbury, VT

> I'm a little curious as to why people were dissatisfied with Dell in
> original discussion. We've been using Dell for the last few years with
> some satisfaction, but I'm beginning to feel a little disgruntled over
> their more recent practices. I just talked to a tech person, and when
> told him the computer would not turn on he asked me to check the back
> the monitor!!! I was baffled by his logic, so I asked him to explain
> reasoning. He told me there might be some frayed cords back there. At
> that point, I knew I was at a dead end, particularly since the
> had expired.
> I've heard reports that they use proprietary power supplies that could
> fry a standard ATX motherboard. I've also heard that they've tinkered
> with the bios to disallow an upgrade to the cpu so the consumer is
> forced to buy a new machine . . .
> A lot of these companies are starting to tick me off. Anyone purchase
> Brothers printer lately? As the toner cartridge starts running low,
> printer stops working! When you shake out the cartridge, it starts
> printing again . . . for a little while, and then stops. What's
> infuriating is that the printouts seem fine, and you are forced to
> purchase a new toner cartridge.
> Anyway . . . my rant will now subside.
> Thanks for listening.
> Charlie Cavanaugh
> Raymond Ballou wrote:
>> Dear List:
>> Back in the spring there was discussion on the list of people looking
>> for computer suppliers other than Dell.
>> This past summer we ordered from Acer, IBM/Lenovo and PRCtec.
>> As you might expect with the first 2 suppliers the quality has been
>> PRCtec on the other hand is better know for selling ink and toner
>> computers, but about a year ago I asked on this list if anyone had
>> used them for ink and got a good response. Since then they have (at
>> cost) taken off our hands about 100 computers (most 9 and 10 year old
>> junkers) and provided a good ink and toner product.
>> In the spring we bought 1 PRC computer and played with it
>> The teacher I put it with knew it was a loaner, but when I went to
>> take it from her, she told me it would be too much of a torture to
>> stick her with the older slower machine.
>> We bought 17 machines in late June to run during our summer GPS/GIS
>> class. The PRC machines worked out very well in that application. The
>> systems had to be useable as a desktop (towers would not work) and
>> there were some HxWxD limitations. PRC quoted the exact system I
>> needed and at a competitive price. Other suppliers tried to quote me
>> tower to lay on it side, or exceeded the specific HWD to such a
>> that the system would not fit on the desk it was intended for.
>> That said, working with PRC has not been perfect, in fact I went to
>> order 25 more computer from them around the beginning of August, and
>> because of a personnel change they were unable to get a bid in on
>> time. They have a new person working on Vermont accounts.
>> If you happen to look into PRC for computer equipment, do not mention
>> me. I have no wish for this to be a commercial for PRC, nor am
>> I looking for referrals (that is also why there is no PRC contact
>> included here).
>> I send this merely so you know about my experience with
>> this alternative supplier.
>> R.