The original post was for software that the teacher could monitor and
share, which I have found VCon to do.  As for the locking of computers,
and making students pay attention;  The "please turn off your monitors and
pay attention to me" line has worked really well the past, and that one is
defiantly free.  

One of the features that I do see teachers use a lot is to shut down all
the computers at one time.  There are plenty of scripts that do that.  I
even wrote one that also will log-in and entire lab (now that is a time
saver).  If anyone is interested let me know.

The Vision software seems really cool and all, but I have seen so many
programs that are cool to start become a hassle for teachers for one
reason or another, and with a $4000 price tag, that is a big gamble for
smaller schools.

My theory has always been keep it simple for the teacher and keep it
inexpensive, even if it means more work for me as the tech coordinator.


P.S. I am by no means knocking the Vision software.  If you got the money,
and trainable teachers Go for it.

School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> writes:
>It looks like this software allows you to view and control a remote
>computer, but it does not allow you to temporarily lock a group of
>computers to keep students from using them when the teacher wants them
>to be focused on something else. Is that correct?
>I've found that monitoring a student's computer is something I do less
>often with this type of software than locking or sharing desktops.
>--Steve Barner