At proctor we use rediker, gradequick, and snap.  we pay about 2000 yr at
the hs with 200 students, and 1000 yr at the elem for just
attendance/admin, and nursing for 200 students.

I have been looking into other options.  One that I plan on demoing is
RenWeb.  On paper it includes everything including lunch, nursing,
grading, parent portal, guidance, ...  It is a webbased solution so i
don't need to spend any time maintaining.   The cost is $200 monthly for
up to 500 students ($2400yr).

If anybody has any experience with Renweb let me know.  I would really
like to find a school that is using it.

Bjorn Behrendt
Proctor School District
Tech Director
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School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> writes:
>Dear List:
>We use web2school, we pay $3,750/year
>we have 410 students
>80 faculty
>we use attendance, disc, grades, health
>we don't use advanced server management, remote support or online hosting.
>what do others pay per year, for what they use?