We use UltraKey 4 at Montpelier Elementary at grades 4 and 5, with additional word processing-based drills, and in grades 6+ at the Middle School. It works well, does what it's supposed to do, has great reports. It's advertised as no-frills without "distracting games", but I'd rather there were a few games and diversions. From what I see of "games" they all reinforce the skills. Different generation, these young' uns. It has had a few network bumps but in general has worked pretty well. They are pushing ver 5 with their own server app but we finally figured out it wasn't a real upgrade, so  ver 4 (on OSX network) has been fine. If I had to buy a new program now, I'd look for one that was 1) network savvy, 2) did I say network savvy? 3)well-thought out in terms of key progression, quick tests, reinforcement, and 4) a bit more fun. 

Jeffrey Jarrad
Union Elementary
Montpelier, VT 05602
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