On Oct 18, 2006, at 7:43 AM, Lucie deLaBruere wrote:

We use Think.com for special projects.The middle school kids TOTALLY love
it (middleschool).Students must attend special Internet Safety Training
(our rule) and be involved in our Tech Savvy Kids group to participate at
this time.Oracle has required permission slips.

Hi Lucie,

Thanks for the review. I took the hint and went to the site (http://www.think.com/) and noticed it's connection with ThinkQuest, and then, at the bottom of the page, a link to an ISTE "award."

There, they mention:

Oracle worked closely with ISTE to co-develop nine new lessons that clearly provide teachers with instructional models for using Think.comís free online environment to meet both technology and subject-area curricular standards. As a result, educators can more easily use Think.com in the classroom everyday to meet technology standards.

Has anyone explored these ? I've just run into their free tutorials and will explore these, and was wondering if "real" users got more training.†