We are using TypeFaster, which is a Free OpenSource typing program.  Here is a quick review.

- Simple no frills
- The game mode is very popular.
- Teachers can customize the game words, and even the lessons.
- Free so students can install it at home and practice.
- Very networkable, and easy to set up
- Designed specifically for Schools.

- Would be nice to have some better student typing statistics.  ie. words
per minute.
- Needs more repeat lessons.  Students usually go through lesson 1 several
times, but the pattern never changes.   The easy solution to this is for
teachers to create several lessons.

Bjorn Behrendt
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School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> writes:
>I know this has been asked and answered, probably a lot...but we are  
>shopping for new keyboarding program/software....Until recently we  
>ahve been using an old old version of type to learn which had  
>straight text based lessons without the arcade like bells and  
>whistles.... we are trying out an online version of typing pal, from  
>canadian company Demarque..... would appreciate any brief  
>recommendations from those who like what they are using....... cost  
>is also a factor....