Hi, Jon.  If I am in the Boston area during your symposium, I would be willing to do a talk on global warming from the perspective of the public policy issues raised by trying to respond to the climate crisis to achieve stabilization.  Note that I had an exchange with Jim Hansen on his June, 2006 review of Gore's movie and book in the Sept 21 issue of the NY Review of Books.
-- Rich


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Rich-  I am working with a bunch of my Harvard classmates to organize a symposium for the 50th reunion.  We want to do one on Global Warming with both the science of it and the political/economic aspects.  The group of us are all leftists of sorts (most of the crew are red diaper babies).  They are talking about Al Gore to do something like in his movie but then to have speaker(s) that deal with the other issues.  Do you have any suggestions for who might be a good speaker and on what issues?  Do you know Dan Schrag at Harvard- would he have a good perspective? 
Below is a list of names various people have come up with.  Do you know any and could recommend one or more of them?  I am not happy with the suggestion of E.O. Wilson for obvious reasons, but also he wouldn't be a person to do a good political perspective.  I don't think Chomsky would fit well with a the overall audience we're trying to reach because of his style and I don't know that he has much to say about it anyway. 
        Is there someone associated with Telos who would be good?
        If you get a chance to respond to this quickly, I'd appreciate it as we have to move quickly.
                        Thanks-   Jon

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