I tried to send what follows as an attachment to my note yesterday, but the posting didn't include the attachment. So I'm reposting it. The note read:
Alexander Guerrero choses to ignore an honest invitation, and instead to "inform" us about the situation here in Oaxaca. --George
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·  Science Hits Venezuelan Streets Subject: Re: Science Hits Venezuelan Streets
From: Maurice Bazin <[log in to unmask]&gt ;
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 11:15:07 +0200
To: SCIE [log in to unmask]
Dear all,
as you know, I live and act in Brazil.  I am glad to see that Mr Guerrero has no concrete detail to give to counter the official Venezuelan informations about their way of doing "Science for the People". 
I want to help those on our List who do not live on a daily basis the social tensions present in Latin American societies, take advantage of the responses given by Mr Guerrero.  He is a (rather extreme) example of "Scientists for Cultural Imperialism". Of course he is in favor of economic imperialism as defined by US policies and all the glorifying talk that goes with it.  He appears to be pretty lowbrow in his way of raising the "communist" threat, etc, etc. But his position and advocacy are just the result of all the capitalist values propagandized by the media propaganda machine of the colossal empire of the internationalized ruling class (and its willing and interested techno servants with two cars in the garage and private security in the neighborhood).  
We (me included) have been very gentle with Guerrero's initial pronouncements because we looked at him as a person within his society.  We supposed he could think on his own and respect what we stand for.  But he is merely an arrogant member of our enemy class.  He even thinks that he can bring us to his side by calling us what he, in fact, is: a stooge.
But, don't be mistaken, he is not a mere stooge. He is a very conscious reactionary. Maybe he is even retired (just like me) and grinds his own axe as he finds himself outside the running of the distribution of privileges.
Basically he does not want to loose any of the privileges of his class position, those that result from an ideological immersion in global capitalism's value.  Those were and are good for him.   
There are millions of this type of arrogant profiteers (individuals, yes, but organized as a class and privileged strata throughout Latin america).  Physicists among them were running experiments on a particle accelerator, attempting to publish in Physical Review, while Pinochet's troops killed their colleagues at the Universidad Tecnica de Chile, a few blocks away.
Mr Guerrero is probably a scientist, a 'pure' scientist.  Why he bothers with our List is an intriguing question that I would like him to answer.
It is important for us not to dismiss the enemy. I am glad he tries to take us on, however clumsily.
Please, tell us where you come from Señor Guerrero, just like other people on this List have done before.
      I wrote the following, but did not previously post it to the list. It is now almost three weeks later, and I have not had any response from Alexander Guerrero. Today he posted an item, apparently not written by him, in Spanish about the struggle here in Oaxaca. I think he posted it without comment. The part of my note to him in my flawed Spanish is given in English below the e-mail. –George
Subject: Re: Science Hits Venezuelan Streets
From: George Salzman <[log in to unmask]& gt;
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 10:20:10 -0500
To: Maurice Bazin <[log in to unmask]&gt ;, Alexander Guerrero <[log in to unmask]>< o:p>
Oaxaca, Tuesday 10 October 2006
Dear Maurice and Alexander,
      Although you, Maurice, and I have never met cara a cara we have become close and trusting friends through the correspondence of a good number of years. I think I know you, and so your invitation to Alexander Guerrero to reveal himself to us, to tell us who he really is, comes to me as a very good idea. I have just been through an episode in which, behind a cloak of anonymity, several other people and I, and the group in which we participate, the Oaxaca Study-Action Group, have been deliberately slandered and forbidden to continue meeting in our usual place, the so-called Oaxaca Lending Library, run by a group of expatriate Americans who love their privileges (as we all do, we who can fly across oceans and who never pass a day without food or a night without a bed).
      Pienso, Sr. Guerrero, que su nombre y appellido son autenticos. Usted no es anonimo. Me gusta la verdad. Estoy un oaxaqueno gringo de edad 81, jubilado y pensionado. Ahorita en el Estado de Oaxaca hay una lucha pacifica y fenomenal en lo que una grande parte de poblacion del estado quieria cambiar el modo del gobierno del estado. Yo no soy Marxista, Leninista, Maoista, Trotskyista, Socialista, etc. Soy comunalista, en favor de la auto-gobernacion de los comunidades local en formas de democracia directa, similar a la tradicion usos y costumbres en muchos pueblitos en las sierras de Oaxaca. Tambien no soy capitalista, pero sin duda beneficio del hecho que fue nacio en los Estados Unidos del norte, lo que ha sacar un grand parte de la riqueza  mondial. Por eso, mi universidad pueda pensionarme y no necesito de trabajar para dinero en esta etapa de mi vida. Mi parese que usted es simpatizante a la ideologia del capitalismo. Que piensa usted sobra la futura del mondo para sus biznietos y bisnietas? Ahorita, pienso, no vivimos en una civilizacion pero en una anti-civilizacion.
      Si interese leer mis piensamentos (principalmente en ingles), son ubicados a mi sitio web. I apologize for my poor Spanish.
      I think, Mr. Guerrero, that your first and last names are authentic. You are not anonymous. I like the truth. I am a gringo Oaxacan aged 81, retired and pensioned. Now in the State of Oaxaca there is a phenomenal pacific struggle in which a large part of the population of the state would like to change the form of state government. I am not Marxist, Leninist, Maoist, Trotskyist, socialist, etc. I am communalist, in favor of self-government of local communities by direct democracy, similar to the tradition of uses and customs in many of the small towns in the mountains of Oaxaca. Also I am not capitalist, but undoubtedly I benefit from the fact that I was born in the United States, which has stripped a large part of global wealth. Because of that my university can penion me and I don’t need to work for money in this stage of my life. It appears to me that you are sympathetic to the ideology of capitalism. What do you think about the future of the world for your great grandsons and great granddaughters? Now, I think, we don’t live in a civilization but in an anti-civilization.
      If you are interested to read my thoughts (mainly in English), they are located on my website.