You guys are bumming me out...

My wife was saying that the color in the Okemo region wasn't that great
last weekend, but, she thought maybe it still needed another week.  I
return from a 2 week tour of Europe on Friday and the plan was to go
straight from BDL to Ludlow and spend Saturday hiking (maybe the Heald,
maybe go up to Deer Leap, who knows).  Now I dunno...  Bummer.

Well, I can't be too bummed, I knew I was going to miss VT foliage when
I was assigned this trip, I was just hoping I got a reprieve.

(Spent last weekend in a little valley village in the Dolomites by the
name of Arabba.  Surrounded by ski areas and peaks - no snow, but still,
pretty damn nice.  Took a Tram up out of Pordoi Pass to a height of 2950
m - sweet.  Unfortunately, the whole time I was there, I was thinking,
"this is nice, but, it ain't Vermont..." )

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