I'd like to hear how people make decisions about using Frequent Flier miles, in particular, deciding between Western US and Europe Travel.

  I've just passed the 50K miles mark which makes for one free Europe round trip or two US (see note below).

  So, my question is:  would you tend to use the 50K miles for a Europe flight seat or two Western US flight seats ?  It seems to me that the numbers make it little better to buy the two Western US tickets.

  Note: It's on United that I have the 50k miles, Deb and I each have 30K+ miles on NorthWest and NW lets you fly to Alaska for 25K miles.  Anybody have any experiences to share about the Alyeska ski area (what time of the year is best, or is there something better, or is Alaska lift servered skiing not worth it ?).

  P.S. Deb and I are going (returning) to the Lech side of the Arlberg in western Austria in late January.  Contact us back channel if anybody needs/wants to share information about Europe ski travel.

 - Randy

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