If you can afford a good meal (lunch: $100-200, you wouldn't be able
to afford dinner), let me know I'll get some suggestions from my boss.


Notre Dame Cathedral (great views of the city from the top of the bell towers);

Sacre Cour--the middle-eastern looking church on the hilltop--is
pretty cool, too;

Napoleon's grave at the Invalides;

If you have the time and transportation, Versailles;

If you've never been to the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower, I'd say
they're something you should do once.  The Mona Lisa may be smaller
than you'd think and a bit of a pain to see, but it is the most famous
painting in the world.  How can you not see it?

Sitting at a small cafe, sipping wine, and watching the world go by
sounds heavenly at the moment.

Never done it, but La Grand Roue--the big Ferris Wheel near the Place
de la Concorde that was built for the Millenium is supposed to be

Walk around various parts of the city;

The metro is great;

How's your German?  The Llst time I was in Paris, I asked questions in
German instead of English, just for fun.

--Matt K.

On 10/17/06, T O S <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I am flying to France next week.   I will be working in Tours, just south east
> of Paris.  I will have a free weekend and was thinking of spending it in
> Paris.  I like to stay in hotels where I can walk to restaurants and pubs.
> I have never been there and looking for suggestions:
> - what part of Paris do I want to stay in.
> - is there is a good place to rollerblade?
> - any must sees?
> - any parts of Paris I should avoid?
> I hate standing in line for anything.
> Thanks in advance.

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