Bruno deBiasi wrote on 10/19/06 3:48 PM:

> Wow Dan. Life must have sucked for you between 9:59 am and 3:10 pm.
> You missed the post about rockets launching over TEO's head while he
> was stopping for coffee and doughnuts after pulling over co-eds on
> trumped-up charges to get their names and home addresses?

Thanks for understanding, Brun. There really is nothing like hitting delete
on those loser posts, is there?

What's your favorite? Sometimes I like to go "3, 2, 1" then make little
explosion noises. Sometimes I pretend I'm the poster and do a Mr. Bill "oh
no-oooo." When I'm in the office and have to be quiet, I'll just give a
quick Julius Caesar thumbs down. But I think the best is reading the post
one last time, all squinty-eyed, finger resting lightly on the delete key,
then sneering "you are dead to me," and giving the offending post one final
push into oblivion.

Take all that away, and yes, it skcus to be me.


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