In my ongoing (and now more urgent) quest to get myself AT boots for  
the coming season, I stopped by the Alpine Shop last Thursday and  
tried on the Endorphin in both a 26.5 and a 27.0.  Murphy saw to it  
that the 26.5 fit my left foot, while my right foot made a strong  
request for the 27.0.  As such, I'll probably be going with a pair of  
26.5s and some significant boot work.

While fitting me, the Alpine Shop boot technician checked my  
alignment and then set me up on a set of ALINE footbeds (more info at  
<>), which  
included alignment adjustments based on a measurement from an ALINE  
device and plastic tabs inserted under the footbed; she also placed  
the footbeds under, rather than in, the innerboot.  I've been skiing  
in semi-weighted (the form taken of my foot was made while I was  
seated and then putting part of my weight on the foot, IIRC) custom  
footbeds for about eight years at this point, and I have skied with  
canting shims prior to that--so I know what "in alignment" feels  
like.  The ALINEs felt like they were actually putting my body into  
alignment and supporting my feet, with a lot less time and money  
involved than getting a new set of custom footbeds.  Has anyone else
a) been fitted for the ALINEr system?
b) used ALINE footbeds in the field?
c) have any other useful input on 'em?
d) found footbeds under the inner boot to be preferable to *in* the  

On a related note, who are the recommended bootfitters around here?   
The tech who fitted me at the Alpine Shop seemed knowledgeable, but  
I'm planning on permanent boot modifications and I'd rather like to  
make sure they're right the first time.  PJ Dewey was highly  
recommended by everyone's favorite crazed bartender.

Thanks for any suggestions,
Kevin T. Broderick
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