Joanie wrote:

> Hey, guys...I'm wondering if anyone on the list has had 
> issues with pre-releasing from Atomic bindings, specifically 
> an older binding from somewhere in the 2000-2002 range or so? 
>  In my case, I'm talking about the Centro 412, but I'm 
> reading in various forums that there was some weakness or 
> defect in certain Atomic bindings (412 included) around this 
> time which caused pre-release issues.

Big time problems. Was new to powdah and had bought some big Atomic boards
with Atomic bindings. Only used them in soft snow conditions. Had them
cranked down to the maximum for my weight, ability, etc. and didn't want to
go any further. Kept coming off and knew it was my skiing. :-( What's so
good about this pow thing anyway?

Then I saw another patroller "walk" out of both of this skis repeatedly on
an blue square run. Told him that something was wrong as he shouldn't have
released. He took his bindings (well skis also) back to the shop and was
told that there had been a recall. I believe the recall covered about two
years including bindings from the 2001-2 and 2002-3 seasons. I went to
Markers and my pow skiing got better due to the small fact that the skis
were now staying attached to my boots.

So oh yes, there were pre-release problems but could be solved (at the
time?) by returning to the shop because of recall.


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