Route 108 is closed over the notch, as usually happens around this time 
of year. Just in front of the road block, I helped a Canadian hiker find 
his way around the mountain to Stowe. He considered attempting 108 in 
his VW Golf because he had snow tires. I told him it was probably not 
the best idea, even though there were plenty of tire-tracks indicating 
that the road was manageable.

Back at the Madonna base lodge, the Ski Patrol members were gathering 
for, I assume, training and other season prep. There was one set of 
prints going up and one set of tracks going down. I followed them up 
Liftline to the start of the Fun race. At this point, the previous skier 
turned around and skied down. I ventured a bit higher only to find that 
Chilcoot got pretty thin. I bet it was nice up high, but I opted to make 
some turns down from here. The snow was heavy, but provided pretty good 
protection from the lurking rocks. I think I still have all four of my 

At the lodge once again I encountered 2 more folks headed up.  I decided 
to hike up into the Notch and take some photos of taking a second run:

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