On 21 Oct 2006, at 8:50 PM, Jonathan S. Shefftz wrote:

> By the end of the day, absolutely no snow at the base of the auto  
> road, yet
> still seven inches up on the hill (where not affected by wind or water
> bars).
> Main part of the mountain was very windblown though, with water  
> bars that
> made even skinning up difficult.

I measured 6-7" on my apartment railing, approximately 4" up top on  
Vista (+/- 6", with the occasion deeper drift, as the snow on the top  
1/3 of the hill was significantly affected by wind), and 7" a midway  
(the bottom of Hard Luck).

> Timberline had good cover, although snow was quite heavy, and the  
> frequent
> water bars (although ok for skinning, since they were narrower and  
> mainly
> w/o running water compared to the main mtn) created lots of  
> interruptions
> (except for when I was more brave and jumped across them).
> After several runs, switched gear and xc skied on the Picnic Loop  
> and then
> out to Bolton Lodge and back.
> Saw only 11 skiers on the alpine trails and 1 set of xc  
> tracks . . . but
> many, many out-of-place wedding guests.  (That married couple will  
> have an
> interesting photo album for their mid-autumn wedding that ended up  
> with mid-
> winter conditions!)

I saw one skier and a snowboarder sessioning Beech Seal while I was  
on my way up around 0745 and at least five or six skiers and boarders  
hike by while I was doing lift evac training later in the afternoon.   
And I didn't think to check out Timberline, which was probably a good  
call today--the snow did not decrease with decreased elevation as it  
usually does.

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Kevin T. Broderick
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