On 10/16/06, Scott Braaten <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I haven't read most of the other posts today but have been thinking about
> how to respond to Miguel's first comments for a few days now...

Good points, Scott. I agree with pretty much all of them right down to
not letting my g/f step foot into RJ's period (and I'm not the
controlling type - seriously!).

Downtown Burlington at 2am is a jovial, crowded place, one that
borders on total anarchy at times.

You can question people's judgement in these situations all you want
(and I have in the past few days, but that includes my judgement too).
The fact is most weekends I go out on the town I have at least one
female friend who says "I'm fine, I dont need anyone to escort me to
my car or home" - its those instances where we as (trusted) friends
can (and should) all do a better job in the future. This goes for
Burlington and everywhere else.

And no, this particularly awful instance is not the result of some
recent and systemic bout of moral depravity - it is the result of a
true f'ing loser that society would be much better off without.


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