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>Disclaimer: I have alot of contempt for State Troopers, both in
>Vermont and Massachusetts--but not New Hamsphire--because they drive
>in a manner that is dangerous, bullying and hypocritical.  Mind you,
>the last speeding ticket I got was in 1998, this has nothing to do
>with me being bitter about getting a ticket; I'm a fan of the
>Burlington Police Department, who I feel actually tries to "protect
>and serve."

As much as I hate getting a ticket (79 in a 65 on I89 heading to Stowe) or 
two, I have the highest respect for anyone who is willing to risk their 
life for the protection of others.  I've had two speeding tickets, both 
treading the line of acceptable speed and a little too fast, and in 
further discussions with the state troopers (NY and VT) they do *actually* 
pull you over for a reason.  

When I got pulled over on 89 in the middle of a pack of cars all 
travelling ~80, I was a little dessip.  That week the VT State Police had 
a convention at the Wyndham in which they drove their new patrol car into 
the ballroom for display.  I helped the guy who pulled me over get his car 
into the ballroom and being interested in it, he was more than happy to 
give me a full briefing of how everything in the car works.  I didn't tell 
him he pulled me over but when I went to court at a later date, I asked 
how the convention went at the Wyndham.  I told him who I was and he 
remembered giving me details about the car...I also told him I wanted to 
accept the ticket.  He seemed puzzeled I didn't ask for the charges to be 
dropped and then talked to me for a while longer about various small talk, 
like UVM.  Finally, in parting, he told me to stay safe because the worst 
thing in the world is knocking on someone's door to tell them their child 
was killed in an accident.

The trooper that fell at Huntington Gorge was there for a reason and 
should get full respect in his efforts to help a family find answers and 
justice for a really sh*tty crime.


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