Mike Weinstein wrote:
> Sorry, but there is no black and white in the law. Depending upon the
> nature of the cause, we require proof beyond a reasonable doubt,
> clear and convincing evidence, a fair preponderance of the evidence,
> or substantial evidence; all terms of art which are subject to court
> interpretations and guidelines.    

Ah, I've been dying to talk with somebody with your

Could you explain to me the legal implications on
IT departments of the Federal Information Security
Management Act (FISMA)?   Or COBIT?

Ok, I'm baiting you....  My non-lawyer understanding
is that most legislation is constructed to be ambiguous.
Any black/whiteness that exists is in a) the written
regulations imposed by the Administrative branch,
b) actions taken by enforcing agencies (cops) and
c) actions taken by prosecutors (DAs, the SEC and such).

Clear as mud.  


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