Mike Weinstein wrote:
> There are clearly defined criteria for enforcement and
> accountability; the "Rule of Law" as counselor Daboll distinguished
> it in his later post. Some argue that the current US Federal
> Government is either redefining or evading said accountability,
> thereby undermining the Rule of Law as so described.    
> Other than that, statutes usually say: "You must do this. Except,
> provided however, or in the event which case ignore what we
> just said and do this instead"  


I think there are at least 2 issues here, none of them ski
related so holler if/when we go too far afield for
the list's tastes.

1) Is law non-ambiguous?  No way.  We would like to
think of the law as being non-ambiguous but there
are all sorts of ambiguities in the law (legislative),
regulations (administrative) and rulings (judicial).
Law is very plastic, witness the plasticity of speed
limits.  What is the "real" speed limit on your local
roads and why is different from the posted limits?

2) Do we believe in the Rule of Law?  This strikes
me as being one of the core questions in the American
Mythology.  The interplay between the Sheriff and the
quasi-deputy who is free to do the right thing outside
of the law is a standard story in American literature
and movies.  E.g. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,
Tombstone (Wyatt Earp & Doc Holiday) and countless
others.  I have incredibly strong feelings about this
but suffice it say that I doubt we (as Americans) are
going to come to agreement on this question any time


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